Brokerage Trends

Increasing Numbers of Broker-Dealers Are Adopting the Ensemble Advisor Team Trend

Significant changes are underway within the broker-dealer community. Now more than ever, customers want a singular solution for their financial wellness needs and are looking to their advisors to provide expert guidance across each life stage. The broad scope of customer needs suggests that advisors must improve their value proposition in order to remain competitive. By adopting holistic team structures, advisors are better positioned to increase assets and revenue while also retaining premier clients more effectively. In fact, the growing industry trend for advisors to form sophisticated ensemble teams has been validated by its success. Since 2012, there has been a 25 percent increase in the number of advisors leveraging this evolving model, with 55 percent of the advisors within the market now participating in team structures.

Read BridgePoint's article, Forming Ensemble Advisor Teams, to gain insight into how to implement a team model.

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