Optimizing Business Intelligence for Global Asset Management Growth

For the first time, global asset gatherers have a resource to guide their efforts to increase their return on Business Intelligence and the substantial gains that can come with it.
BridgePoint is uniquely positioned to address the intelligence needs of your organization. Independent and unbiased, BridgePoint brings an objective view and proven quantitative and qualitative approach to every assignment to meet your organizations’ specific needs.

The Stakes are High
All parts of a firm’s internal ecosystem must work in concert to shape a clear business strategy. This means not only having on board the right roster of external market intelligence vendors — research firms, databases, advisory firms — but also having in place a structure, process and appreciation to convert it into firm-specific business intelligence for strategists’ informed decision-making.

  • Doing More With Less: Tight budgets lead to greater scrutiny, but few firms have in place a system to evaluate their external market research purchases or the subsequent operations that align business intelligence with strategy.
  • The Elusive Concept of ROI: What cannot be measured often does not get managed. As a result, the true value of a firm’s investments in market research publications and databases is not quantified, nor is a firm’s processes and workflow evaluated to turn data and information into knowledge and action.
  • Limited Time and Expertise: While savvy firms inherently recognize the powerful gains achieved from aligning these connections, constraints of time and available expertise have muted their call to action.

Ask Yourself…
In this pressure-filled environment, BridgePoint can help you answer these key questions:

  • Can you justify and defend your market research spend?
  • Do you know how much of your budget is being underutilized, or worse, wasted?
  • Is your market research group organized in the most effective manner?
  • Can improvements be made to your internal reporting and dissemination process?
  • Are your senior strategists getting the intelligence they need to make decisions confidently?

The BridgePoint Approach
BridgePoint’s dynamic approach ensures impactful recommendations to benchmark and improve your firm’s return on Business Intelligence. At each step throughout our quantitative and qualitative process, we gather valuable insights about your firm’s business intelligence profile from key groups to benchmark it internally and provide a foundation for improvement.

The process starts with an audit of the vendors supporting your global asset gathering needs where we’ll learn how much or little your firm leans on specific vendors and which ones help staffers do their jobs most effectively. Vendor recommendations will be made to renew, cancel or place on watch. Next, your research team’s operational processes, both formal and informal, will be examined to further unlock capabilities to benefit your organization. Finally, valuable insights and measurable output from your senior strategists responsible for customer, product, marketing and channel will be incorporated into findings.