Business Performance Measurement

Leveraging Competitive Insight to Improve Business Performance

Our experience tells us that the best opportunities to improve business performance often lie between functional verticals, requiring an objective, centralized end-to-end analysis. BridgePoint’s approach to business performance measurement focuses collective resources on the highest impact activities and leverages our competitive insight to develop strategies designed to deliver higher value and eliminate waste.

BridgePoint’s data includes revenue, cost, operational KPI, risk and other relevant information for specific financial services product types. We have an excellent staff of individuals who have either worked as CFOs within financial service firms or have managed operating metrics and command centers for financial service production functions.

Here are some examples of how BridgePoint’s benchmarks of industry data can help you:

  • Cost and Fee Benchmarking
  • Time Allocation Studies and Work Value Assessments
  • KPI Benchmarking
  • Revenue Opportunity Assessment