Process Excellence

It is about more than enhanced efficiency

Nearly every financial services firm is struggling to balance the desire to meet client needs, while driving profitable outcomes for their businesses.

They are hesitant to apply additional spend toward technology without a clear return on investment, and are seeing the downstream impact of prior decisions that were made without clearly understanding the need for strong underlying processes. With our support, our clients are finding significant opportunity to focus on customer value and reduce operating costs by focusing on process.

Process is not limited to operations, but rather broadly applies to all aspects of organizations. Adopting a “manufacturing mindset” can not only improve general efficiency, can benefit your overall business performance. Enhancing your process maturity can yield improvements in risk mitigation, quality, client experience and revenue.

Our staff has a combination of academic certification in LEAN, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management, as well as practical experience in financial services. We already know your processes and speak your language.

Some examples of our recent process maturity improvement efforts include:

  • Process Evaluation & Redesign
  • Creation of Process Centers of Excellence
  • Customer Experience Engineering
  • Benchmarking
  • Dashboard Development
  • Change Management Support
  • Project Management for Redesign Execution