Product and Service Management

Driving Toward Adoption Across the Product Lifecycle

As many financial service providers are looking for ways to improve financial results, they are recognizing the need to mature their product management capabilities. Without product owners and a defined product strategy and offer, BridgePoint has observed:

  • Projects operate in isolation without alignment to an overarching strategy
  • Prioritization of initiatives is based on the loudest voices
  • Frequent inability to achieve or validate business impact

Improving product management discipline starts with building out a strategic product management function. The goal is to shift product managers from order takers to strategic product owners who manage the products through their full product lifecycle. Some recent examples of our Product and Service Management engagements include:

  • Establishing a Product Management Discipline
  • Product Offer Management and Governance
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Product Performance Metrics
  • Cost and KPI Benchmarking
  • Customer Experience Engineering
  • Training on Developing Business Requirements
  • Staff Augmentation for Development and Launch Projects
  • Platform Vendor Management Best Practices
  • Revenue Share Optimization Programs