Sales and Distribution

Driving Revenue Growth for Your Firm

Financial service firms are struggling to meet revenue goals, and downward trends in fees reflect the market’s excess capacity. Intermediary dynamics are applying additional pressure, changing not only who you sell to, but also what your customers value. Furthermore, regulatory trends are disrupting the ways advisors deliver advice, and Broker-Dealers have to be prepared to adapt to the changing environment.

The ideal state is a refined focus for your organization, where good deals align with your value proposition, leverage your asset management and service capabilities, and are at acceptable margins.

Let BridgePoint help you redefine your distribution strategy. Examples of our recent engagements include:

  • Intermediary Engagement Strategies
  • Market Research
  • Market Segmentation
  • Distribution Optimization Strategies
  • Advisor Service Model Development
  • Pricing Model Validation
  • Revenue Opportunity Assessment
  • Broker-Dealer Effectiveness Initiatives
  • Advisor Recruiting and Retention Strategies