Scott has 30 years of experience in the financial services and retirement industries. His experience includes managing a wide variety of functions within the retirement industry, allowing him to capture value through a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving.


Strategy Development, Sales and Distribution, Product Development and Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Organizational Transformation, Relationship Management

Relevant Experience

  • Led a DCIO provider, Asset manager and DC Provider through a fiduciary rule impact assessment
  • Led a top 10 provider in the small DC market through a strategic DC assessment that included defining the growth opportunities and target markets and creating a future state offer
  • Led a top IRA provider in the development of a transformation plan that included changes to their strategy, product, service and operating model
  • Led a DCIO salesforce for a mid-sized asset manager
  • Developed a DC full-service product for both a retail and institutional money manager
  • Worked with an asset management firm on an organizational readiness impact assessment of the fiduciary regulations
  • Developed and led a new line of business for a major asset management company, marketing their DC full-service capabilities as a private label product to financial institutions
  • Performed strategic evaluations of DC full-service organizations leading to acquisitions and divestitures of the business lines

Prior Positions Held

  • Managing Director, Corporate Development – Invesco
  • Managing Director, Financial Services Group – Invesco
  • Senior Vice President, DC Strategic Partnerships – Invesco
  • National Sales Manager, Retirement Services – Nicholas Applegate
  • Vice President, Retirement Plan Sales – Putnam


Scott is working with a client to strategically evaluate options for their DC business.