Tim has more than 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. He is a transformation and implementation leader who combines analytical capabilities, business knowledge, and communications skills to drive improvements in market share and profitability.


Strategic Planning, Business Performance Management, Finance Transformation, Advanced Analytical Systems, Activity Based Costing, M&A, Product and Client Pricing, Investment Analysis, Business Case Development

Relevant Experience

  • Tim managed the creation of integrated strategic plans, establishing KPIs and competitive benchmarks
  • He played an active leadership role in the implementation of Fidelity Finance’s transformation plan, resulting in the use of centers of excellence and increased regionalization
  • Tim led the development of advanced analytical and reporting systems, which improved the ability to analyze, forecast, and influence the drivers of profitability
  • He performed in-depth market and customer segmentation analyses, modeling customer and prospect responses to changes in pricing and product strategy
  • Tim collaborated with other senior leaders to launch new products and services that improved market share, profitability, and asset retention
  • He led the valuation and financial due diligence process on numerous strategic acquisition opportunities
  • Tim coordinated the renewal of the Fidelity Funds management and services fee contracts for Fidelity’s Distribution companies

Prior Positions Held

  • Senior Vice President of Corporate FP&A – Fidelity Investments
  • Chief Financial Officer of Capital Markets – Fidelity Investments
  • Vice President of Finance Architecture and Mutual Fund Board Support – Fidelity Investments
  • Vice President of Finance, Product, Marketing, and Distribution – Fidelity Investments